5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wooden Tray

Trays are probably one of the most versatile wooden furniture. They are functional and aesthetic. Of course, you can use them to serve your guests a cup of tea.

In addition,Guest Posting they can be used to arrange knick-knacks on your coffee table, can be displayed on the wall or even kept on your bedside table. The way you use your wooden tray depends on the type of tray, its size, etc. So, here are a few tips to help you buy the perfect tray.

Picking a size

Wooden trays are available in many different sizes and shapes. A 24 cm by 40 cm rectangular tray is one of the most popular sizes for serving trays. If you are looking for something bigger, you can go as big as 30 cm by 42 cm. If you are thinking of using a tray on your bedside table, you may want a smaller square or rectangular tray. A 15 cm by 50 cm tray is ideal for this. On the other hand, if you want a round tray, a 30 cm diametre tray is perfect. In terms of shapes, you can also take a look at hexagonal trays.

What about a tray set?

A wooden tray can also be bought as part of a set. Most tray sets have three sizes. The medium-sized tray is usually perfect for serving cocktail snacks for your next party. The smallest tray is well-suited to offering your guests a glass of water while the larger trays are great for TV dinners. The smallest-sized tray can also be used for your home décor. Use it to arrange candles on your coffee table, bath essentials on the bathroom countertop or to hold a carafe of water and a glass on your bedside table.

Type of wood

Wooden trays can be made from many different types of wood. Bamboo is typically the most budget-friendly of all woods. It’s lightweight too. If you are looking for something more classic, a teak or rosewood tray would be your best bet. These woods are rich, elegant, and sophisticated looking. They are considerably more expensive though too. If you are looking for something mid-budget, take a look at mango wood trays. Ideally look for a tray that uses a single slab of wood without any joints or wood knots. This will protect your tray from warping or cracking with time and extend its lifespan.

The type of finish

The way a wooden tray is finished says a lot about how it can be used and its final look. If you are using the tray to serve snacks, a polished finish is perfect. It is heat resistant too! From a light polish to a dark brown polish- the choices are limitless. Polished wood is easy to clean and maintain. If a cup of tea were to spill over, it can be easily wiped clean before it causes any permanent damage. If you want a more modern look, how about choosing a painted wooden tray. If you are using the tray only for décor, you could even choose a tray with a printed and laminated base.

How will the tray be held?

When you talk of tray dimensions, the length and breadth are what we talk about the most. But, there’s a third dimension that matters too- the tray wall height. Most trays have a 1-5 cm tall wall. A handle is usually cut out of tray walls on opposite sides. Alternatively, you can have handles added on to the tray walls. Some trays may even be designed without walls entirely. In such cases, the handles are mounted onto the edge of the tray base itself. This is a growing trend with organically shaped trays. These trays may also double up as cheese boards.


You can buy a wooden tray for yourself or as a gift for someone else. They are perfect for anniversaries, housewarmings and all festive occasions. You can pick up a tray from a retail store as well as online. With e-commerce platforms, offering a range of tray designs, you can shop for them from the comfort of your living room and have them delivered to your doorstep. What’s more, shopping online gives you the opportunity to get great deal and discounts too. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing now and find that perfect tray for yourself.


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