6 Appliances In Your Home That Can Explode

The household safety is in ones hand. Therefore, it is necessary to get the electrical appliances checked periodically by a professional.

There are various electrical appliances in a household that can explode and cause serious damage to the property and can even risk the life. Therefore,Guest Posting it is necessary that one must keep a proper check on the electrical appliances and get them checked after every 6 months.

There are various factors which can lead to the explosion, like overheating or overloading on the main electrical switch. Here are 6 such appliances which can possibly explode:

  1. Hot water heater- There is temperature and pressure relief valve on the water heater to prevent overheating of the appliance. However, sometimes it can fail which can potentially explode and cause serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help of a certified electrician in Palo Alto to keep a check if the appliance is working fine.
  2. Light bulb- A light bulb usually implodes rather than explodes when it breaks. It is like a vacuum tube and a little drop of water landing on it can lead to explode and can risk a person’s life if the glass falls on someone.
  3. Wood stove-The older wooden stoves produce unburned gasses which can cause a minor explosion that can fill the room with ash and dust. Therefore, it is necessary that one must switch to upgrade the stove which can prevent significant damage.
  4. Portable propane tank-If the propane tanks are overheated due to any reason then it can cause overpressure and rupture leading to  a powerful fuel-air explosion. However, there are few tanks which are fitted with rupture disks which help to avoid the build up of pressure. Therefore, it is necessary that one must switch to a new propane tank to avoid any damage.
  5. Boilers-Similar to the water heaters, boilers also have temperature and pressure relief valve. Therefore, it is necessary that one must get it checked periodically by a professional to prevent the risk of an explosion.
  6. Batteries-Theoretically, household batteries are explosive and can cause damage to the property and even risk a person’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to check all the batteries and make sure if they are working properly.

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