6 Office trends ahead 2020

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Workspaces have moved away from traditional,Guest Posting matrix cubicle scenarios. Now with the changing trends cubicles, one is replaced by open and functional ones to encourage collaboration and interaction among employees.

These spaces are known for their blended designs, these spaces are modular but with many adaptable elements. If you assign the designing task to a professional office interior designerin Bangalore he/she will design that enables you to see where who is sitting, what they are working on. Blended working space designs also effectively end the hierarchical seating that is inheriting in a traditional workspace.

You must just find your boss sitting next to you and HR Executive has a separate cabin. So being a premium Office Interior Designer in Bangalore offering a range of services such as quality interiors at affordable prices, we provide you some creative ideas to build a blended workspace to enhance your employee’s productivity. Blended workspaces are typical splits into different zones:

  1. Active Space

These are good old tables of different shapes and sizes. When the activity demands every team member needs to sit together for those long tables that can be used. For smaller teams, oval-shaped tables can be used. The beauty of this design is its fluidity. If the team aims to sit nearby window then there is no requirement of shifting spaces other than their laptops. Wireless technology has its advantages, minimal usage of paper has reduced the need for cabinets and drawers. Now with the changing trends, most offices use a cabinet to store a laptop and other computer necessaries. This has helped interior designing companies to plan the office floors with more ergonomic furniture and that would increase the comfort factor for the employees. This type of office space is highly recommended by a professional Office interior Designer in Bangalore like us. 


  1. Breakout spaces

One of the main things which have changed the complexion of office interior design is the need for breakout spaces. Stress at the workplace is shaping the way for many designing companies to design breakout spaces that would help relax the employees, improve engagement, interaction, and put the fun factor back in the work. These can be typically a table tennis space, a pool table, etc. The idea is to make the office area a fun zone but a productive place for employees and high officials.


  1. Privacy Pods

Not all the work in the office requires a team effort. Some stuff can be done in seclusion. An open design can be sometimes distracting and noisy. For this privacy, pods can be a great solution for it. The designs of the pods play a huge role in providing psychological comfort and focus to the people and it helps in boosting the productivity levels. Pods are usually designed for a single employee and some best designers will bring the theme of spaceships or good and old payphones to give employees a whole new experience.


  1. Lounges

While breakout spaces are mostly situated away from the active workspace, lounges are kept within the active area. The idea is to provide the employees to just sit down, read, check messages, or even work on their laptops Lounge areas can be traditionally designed with a comfortable sofa, recliner, or even hammock.


  1. Client Zones

These are again areas within the active space where clients can informally talk about future deals. Most often this area is designed to provide the client with the view of how the company works and their working culture. This is must include in the interiors of your office and an expert office interior designer in Bangalore will provide the best quotation. 


  1. Collaborative Zones

These are smaller conference rooms. The traditional conference had a sitting space of around 40 people but with the technological advancements, it has been confined to only 10 people. Smaller collaborative zones are much sought as the team size has reduced as days go by. These can be a glass-encased zone where the entire team can huddle around the sofa or chairs around the working space. Designing these collaboration space can be concerning the overall design of the office. 

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