6 tips for creating Instagrammable merchandise displays

Drawing people in to your furniture store has never been easier with Instagram. Because the platform is free to use, the overhead costs are nil. And because the potential audience is limitless, the benefits are equally boundless.

The trick is to create Insta-worthy displays of your merchandise that draw customers in the door. Furniture stores have never been in a better position to tell visual stories, stories that illustrate to customers that exciting merchandise awaits them on the other side of the camera lens.

The Laurel Group in Huntington, New York, has maximized the use of Instagram by creating eye-catching displays, and it’s paying off. The company is comprised of four separate divisions (including landscape architecture/design, maintenance, tennis and sport court, and outdoor living and furniture). In their furniture division, the company curates products from all over the world.

Sales Manager Katie Corcoran estimates that at least 90% of her company’s customer base has Instagram accounts, and that runs the demographic range from customers in their 20s into their 70s. Corcoran says that Instagram is incredibly important in the business world, particularly those businesses in which visual evidence is a draw. “It is the quickest and easiest way to get your name and product out to the world in one second. It is the best way to get in front of retail customers and designers,” she says.

“Previously, we had been leveraging Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook, but the shift with regard to utilization of a social media platform, especially things that are picture led and have a high level of artistic value, has shifted to Instagram,” says Matthew Riccoboni, chief marketing officer.

They are gradually building a following, and as part of their company philosophy they support other local businesses by following them as well. They’re also quick to repost another user’s post or comment. “It’s a way to interact and help gain followers,” says Corcoran. “When they see us commenting on that page, her followers will follow us; that engagement and interaction is the major key to developing a following.”

The high-end nature of the store’s merchandise is inherently Instagrammable, particularly as the business is located in an affluent area of the country. Still, the company is learning that to drive traffic in the door, it’s all about the little details.

Laurel Group’s Tips to Create Insta-Worthy Displays:

  1. Highlight your store’s most eye-catching products front and center. At Laurel Group, for example, their custom-designed fabric-draped daybeds are the ideal spot to snap a photo.
  2. Mix materials and finishes in your display design, which can generate creative photo opps. “Using different elements like teak, metal and woven textiles makes the environment more interesting and inviting for visitors to snap photos,” says Corcoran.
  3. If you’re an exterior living brand like Laurel Group, use the outdoors to create both fun and interactive displays. Corcoran says their outdoor swings are their most popular location for client Instagram photo shoots.
  4. Using unique plants and greenery from their nursery help to liven up every display and often steal the show. “Stunning custom succulent arrangements are not only a beautiful addition to a table, but they also brighten up your Instagram feed,” says Corcoran.
  5. At its core, the Laurel Group is a design store; so much of the store’s merchandise is already arranged as lifestyle vignettes. Creating lifestyle scenes with your products allows customers to visualize how the furniture arrangement would look in their homes; it also inspires them to take photos and share them with their followers.
  6. Create your own custom hashtag to help Instagram users find photos of your store on the platform. Make sure the hashtag is displayed in Instagrammable locations, and encourage visitors to tag you in their photos.

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