9 Tips for a Basement Finishing Gym

Basement finishing is a good way to improve your living conditions and implement all the design ideas. This article runs about the changing of the old basement into modern gym. 

Today’s topic will appeal to all who run active lifestyle . It’s about changing the gym into your basement. We have collected for you 9 productive methods of decorating a basement that will help you avoid mistakes and be happy with the amazing result.

1. Determine how much space you need
To do this,Guest Posting select the type of equipment you are going to use. This will depend on your goals and needs: do you want to do cardio, jogging, muscle swaying or other sports? It’s up to you, of course.

2. Consider flooring
It is better to lay rubber floors, and put carpets on them in yoyr basement. So, it will become more flexible, which is necessary for training, and comfortable.

3. Air circulation
It’s no secret that people often sweat in gyms. Consider installing overhead ventilators o keep the air clean and fresh.

4. Mirror
Set up a large mirror to make sure you are in the correct position when doing different activities. Basement finishing https://ikhomepros.com/basement-finishing-and-remodeling/ should be thought over up to each detail and it doesn’t matter whether you finish your basement by yourself or take professional services.

5. A lot of light.
A well-lit gym brings energy into the space. Even if there are no windows in the room, use high quality lighting lamps, which will ideally replace them.

6. Bright colors
Bright shades like gold, light green, orange or neon have a toning effect. With enough of the desired color tone, you will get a boost towards the results you want.

7.Soft Colors
But, if you are doing yoga, for example, then use softer colors, which are characterized by calming properties.

8. Motivated visuals.
In front of sports equipment, hang various slogans, posters, cups or other, which will give you an extra boost during your workout.

9. Don’t forget that basement conversion is expensive.
You can save on buying exercise equipment; buy from a private seller, so you will not only save a pretty penny, but also think about the environment.

What Amount of Works Basement Finishing Needs
Reconstruction involves a considerable amount of work, is accompanied by certain problems and entails the use of special technologies that are different from the repair of other types of premises.

The location in the basement of common building communications and networks will require a more attentive and thoughtful approach. Most often, system pipes and cables pass in an open form, which means that they will need to be decorated.

When finishing a basement, take into account the direct contact of the room with the ground. Even a single and insignificant sign of moisture exposure to basement structures (weeping stain, corrosion, fungus) indicates the need for waterproofing work and a more careful selection of finishing materials.

At the preparatory stage, measures are not ruled out for draining and deepening the basement, excavating existing structures for laying new networks.

Basements usually have a lack of light and during the renovation process, serious work will be required to restore or install the lighting system.

Basement Finishing Includes:

• Preparatory and insulation work;

• Installation of block partitions and decorative structures of various shapes (arches, vaults, niches) made of plasterboard;

• Finishing of walls and ceilings using the latest materials – structural paints, textured plasters, any finishing tiles (textured, design, with photo printing), wall panels;

• Installation of multi-level ceilings of all styles;

• The device of floors of different types (self-leveling, roll, laminate).

• All work must be performed with the utmost responsibility, which, as a result, will affect the achievement of the expected result.


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