A Guide to Winter Cleaning and Rubbish Removal

Spring is traditionally the time to think about a huge household clean, but it is a great idea to keep on top of everything during winter too! Here’s a helpful guide to winter cleaning to get you started.

Spring is traditionally the time for cleaning,Guest Posting but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get stuck in during winter. In fact, after the drastic changes that occur during autumn, it is a great idea to think about cleaning throughout winter to ensure waste is kept under control.

Similarly, getting prepared for winter will usually mean digging out heaters, warm clothes and cleaning out old fire places – meaning there will be waste to throw out. Here’s a helpful guide to winter cleaning to get you started.

Winter Cleaning: Key Areas to Focus On


Garden Waste: Green waste will be your biggest foe as autumn wraps up and winter rolls around. Keeping on top of dead leaves is important for keeping your backyard or front yard tidy and reducing fire hazards.

Cleaning Out Your Gutters: Make sure you focus on cleaning out your gutters as this can be a devastating risk factor for house fires.

Unblocking Drains: During autumn, debris from trees can build up in your outdoor living spaces. Remember to ensure all drains are free from obstruction! Blocked drains can encourage flooding, especially in the wet winter months.

Cleaning Your BBQ: After summer, your barbecue will likely go un-used for many months. Be sure to give it a good scrub before winter well and truly sets in so that grease and other gunk doesn’t build up.

Sheds and Garages: Consider cleaning out/organising sheds and garages, removing any green waste or rubbish removal that may have built up from summer maintenance.

Pools: Even though it may become harder and harder as the days get colder, keeping on top of cleaning/maintaining your pool is essential to ensuring it stays in good condition for when spring and summer swing around. This is doubly as important during the latter stages of autumn and early winter when leaves are still dropping.

Furniture: It might be a good idea to scrub/wash any outdoor furniture during winter, and store or cover during the colder months to increase the lifespan. Cold winds and harsh rain can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture.


Clothes: Winter is a good time to go through your summer clothing and decide on anything you no longer want to keep. Similarly, you may pull out some of your old winter wear and decide you no longer like it. Divide your clothing into items that are no longer of use and those you might want to donate.

Old Furniture: Winter is a time of change, and it might be a good time to think about getting rid of old furniture and making a fresh start.

Carpets: Carpets are notorious for trapping dust and bacteria, which may not pose such a problem in the warmer months, but can be very troublesome as we begin to spend more time inside in winter. People are more likely to wear shoes inside during winter too, which only exacerbates the situation. Be sure to vacuum your carpets thoroughly through the winter.

Furniture: The same goes for couches and other upholstered furniture – be sure to dust and vacuum them to ensure they are clean as winter starts bringing more moisture into your home.

Attic and Other Storage Spaces: As you start pulling out your winter comforts, such as clothes, ugg boots and heaters, you might want to take the chance to throw out anything that is cluttering your attic and/or other storage spaces.

Fans: Cover up your fans during winter so they don’t get covered in dust!

Furnaces and Fire Places: If you are lucky enough to have a working furnace or fire place in your home, making sure it is spotless before you put it to use in winter. Dust and other debris can pose a fire hazard.

Dusting: Winter air is generally quite dry, and when combined with dust, can be quite irritating – especially for those with allergies. Be sure to keep on top of vacuuming dust.

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