AI company LexSet debuts visual search software

Les Karpas of LexSet NEW YORK – A new artificial intelligence company called LexSet is using AI to identify and describe furniture, whether it’s from a retailer’s catalog, inspirational scenes or photos uploaded by a consumer. 

“Our synthetic data engine has turned more than 80,000 files into half a billion rendered images of furniture and other interior architectural elements in thousands of different angles and in different lighting conditions in order to maximize the system’s ability to recognize those objects when presented with a photo or a real-world space,” said Les Karpas, CEO and co-founder of LexSet. “Our approach allows for real-time object recognition as well as attribution and description of products.”

The company is the first retail-focused spin-off of Seattle research lab Intellectual Ventures, a global invention and investment business that creates, incubates and commercializes impactful inventions.

By leveraging massive sets of data, LexSet offers the ability to find products based on inspirational images and by working with the many synonyms that are often used to describe furniture.

The company offers both visual search and automated tagging.

The visual search function can be integrated into a website or a mobile app’s search bar to automate the process of making the products directly shoppable. An additional form of visual search allows a widget to be placed onto a search bar so when customers upload an image the system will identify all the existing objects in the image and match them with similar products from the brand’s catalog. 

With automated tagging, the software adds additional tags to existing products, making them more searchable.

“This new form of tagging results in descriptive words like ‘modernist’ or ‘farmhouse’ returning more search results,” Karpas said. “The tagging also allows for product synonyms to work. For example, guest chairs can also be recognized when they are called accent chairs.”

With a degree in architecture and his mother a design historian, “I spent my childhood surrounded by beautiful design,” said Karpas. “While at Intellectual Ventures, I came across a patent about identifying multiple objects in space and immediately thought ‘Eureka, this is perfect for interior design and furniture.’ So, we set about creating a neural network for furniture recognition from scratch.”

Pricing for LexSet is a monthly subscription based on the number of SKUs in the customer database and the number of application programming interface calls for the software to communicate with another application.

Karpas says the interface is simple and easy-to-use and can be implemented to the client’s exact specifications.


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