Canada assigns final dumping margins for China, Vietnam upholstery in Canada

OTTOWA – The Canada Border Services Agency has assigned countrywide dumping margins of 188% and 179.5%, respectively, for upholstered seating from China and Vietnam sold in the Canadian market.

In a final determination of its investigation into alleged subsidization of those goods, CBSA issued separate margins ranging from 9.3% to 102.1% for 32 Chinese manufacturers and 9.9% to 179.5% for eight manufacturers in Vietnam.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal investigation of injury to the domestic industry from subject goods is ongoing, with an order finding expected by Sept. 2, and the margins issued this week might not reflect final duties applied to seating from Vietnam and China.

In addition to lowering China’s countrywide margin rate, CBSA’s final determination also calculated amount of subsidy as a percentage of export price, which in the case of nearly all manufacturers in both countries was in the low single digits. If the final margins are based on those figures, it could result in rebates of duties paid at a higher rate during the course of the investigation after CITT’s final determination of injury to domestic Canadian manufacturers. Provisional duties will continue to apply on imports of subject goods until the date of the CITT’s order or finding.

Following are the Chinese manufacturers that were assigned separate margins:

  • Anji Cozy Home Co., Ltd.,18.4%
  • Anji Hengrui Furniture Co., Ltd., 45.2%
  • Anji Hengyi Furniture Co., Ltd., 15.1%
  • Anji UES Furniture Co., Ltd., 17.4%
  • Dongguan Tianhang Furniture Co., Ltd. , 24.1%
  • Foshan DOB Furniture Co., Ltd., 30.3%
  • Gu Jia Intelligent Household Jiaxing Co., Ltd., 23.7%
  • Haining Fanmei Furniture Co., Ltd., 53.6%
  • HaiNing Happy Leather Furniture Co., Ltd., 13.4%
  • Haining Kendy Furniture Co., Ltd., 102.1%
  • Haining Nicelink Home Furnishings Co., Ltd., 9.3%
  • (Hangzhou) Huatong Industries Inc., 55.6%
  • Henglin Home Furnishings Co., Ltd., 29%
  • HHC Changzhou Corp., 17.2%
  • HTL Furniture (China) Co., Ltd., 48.4%
  • HTL Furniture (Huai An) Co., Ltd., 25%
  • Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., 33.8%
  • Jiaxing Motion Furniture Co., Ltd., 36.9%
  • Jiaxing Vitra Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., 21.1%
  • Man Wah Furniture Mfg. (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., 31.2%
  • Megain Furniture (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd., 33.1%
  • Natuzzi (China) Ltd., 35.3%
  • Ruihao Furniture MFG Co., Ltd., 10.4%
  • Shanghai Trayton Furniture Co., Ltd., 38.9%
  • Trayton Furniture (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., 24.8%
  • UE Furniture Co., Ltd., 27.7%
  • Vanguard Industrial JiaXing Co., Ltd., 43.6%
  • Violino Furniture (Shenzhen) Ltd., 32.3%
  • Zhejiang Botai Furniture Co., Ltd., 18%
  • Zhejiang Chuanyang Furniture Co., Ltd., 60.6%
  • Zhejiang Happy Smart Furnishings Co., Ltd., 26.5%
  • Zhejiang Kuka Merlin Furniture Co., Ltd., 24.3%

Following are the Vietnamese manufacturers that were assigned separate margins:

  • Delancey Street Furniture Vietnam Co., Ltd., 53.2%
  • Koda Saigon Co. Ltd., 179.5%
  • Motomotion Vietnam Limited Company, 13.5%
  • Timberland Co., Ltd., 14.8%
  • UE Furniture Vietnam Co., Ltd., 10.4%
  • Vietnam Hang Phong Furniture Co. Limited, 9.9%
  • Wanek Furniture Co., Ltd., 24.8%
  • Wendelbo SEA JSC, 17.7%

Under Canada’s Special Import Measures Act, importers are required to declare their company’s liability, if any, for provisional duties and taxes on any subject goods imported into Canada, and it is their responsibility to inform their customs broker if they are importing goods subject to provisional duties and to ensure proper declaration of subject goods and proper payment of duties. Importers can go here for a self-assessment.

In May, the CITT had made a preliminary determination that manufacturers in China and Vietnam were dumping upholstered seating in the Canadian market. At that time, it assigned country-wide duties of 295.5% for China and 101.5% for Vietnam.

CBSA launched its investigation in December based upon a complaint filed by Palliser Furniture and supported by fellow Canandian manufacturers Elran Furniture Ltd., Jaymar Furniture Corp., EQ3 Ltd. and Fornirama Inc. The move looks to limit the penetration of motion upholstery and leather stationary furniture from China and Vietnam into Canada. According to CBSA, the Canadian market for such merchandise has been estimated at $675 million annually.

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