Carpet Cleaning Tasks Every Annapolis Citizen Should Do

Christmas is approaching fast and with it will come your sudden urge to go for professional carpet cleaning in Annapolis and then the tension that somebody is going to act dumb and spoil your carpet. We always have that one guest who brings snow, salt and dirt piled up onto his shoes and leaves it all over the carpet.

So,Guest Posting I found it apt to write a Christmas special version of carpet cleaning tasks every Annapolis citizen should do. I hope you find it helpful and also have fun reading it.

1. Add some doormats
Invest in some high-quality doormats that will contribute to brush off all the dirt off the shoes. Place one outside and place on inside. I even recommend having a roller rug just at the entrance for those people who don’t acknowledge the existence of a doormat. All of it will save your carpet from stains.

2.  Keep a shoe rack
For family members, keep a shoe rack just inside the entrance so that they can leave the dirty shoes on the rack and wear some dirt and salt-free slippers inside the home. You can also use a cool jute basket if you don’t mind keeping your shoes in a little messed up state.

3. What to do with a Christmas tree?
I can suggest a couple of things around that. First of all, try not to drag the tree on the carpet. Have a sheet of polyethene laid over the entire pathway that you’re going to follow to bring the tree inside and place it at the decided spot. There will be no possible stains on the carpet in that way.

Then ensure that you water the tree regularly (if you have a real one, of course). Watering will help to reduce the shedding by the tree, and there will be lesser needles on the floor. Less of those means less of them will be transferred all over your house.

You can also invest in a cheap round rug that you can place around/under the tree so that all the needles and possible disasters happen on the rug and your expensive carpet is safe underneath.

4. Invest in stain protection
Ask your Annapolis carpet cleaning service to help you with proper stain protection of the carpet. Holiday season is a stain season as well and to avoid that, you should focus on stain protection.

5. Vacuum regularly
Lastly, you need to get a little bit more active in the holiday season. There will be a lot of footfall during this time – friends and family coming over and you going out more frequently for shopping and outings won’t go unnoticed by your carpets. They will show signs of rough use that can be entirely avoided by regular vacuuming and a little bit of extra care.

Those are my top 5 Christmas Annapolis carpet cleaning tips. These will be best suited for residents of Annapolis but if you reside somewhere else, I hope you found them helpful as well. Have a happy Christmas.

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