CB2 offers opportunity to see furniture in a new way

CHICAGO – CB2, Crate and Barrel’s millennial-focused brand, has teamed up with tech company Vertebrae to offer consumers a high-tech way to see its new collection of menswear-inspired furniture from GQ and as well as many other CB2 offerings.

“We currently have 150 assets that are already in 3D and are working on 500 additional 3D assets that will be launched in December,” said Dave Widmer, CB2 director of e-commerce. “We are investing in computer-generated imagery and 3D assets across all programs.”

Widmer said consumers can use a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to tap into augmented reality options to superimpose virtual items such as sofas, tables, and chairs – in their exact dimensions – to see precisely how these items look and fit in their own space.

“The frictionless nature of web AR has answered a lot of pain points with the immediate nature of the technology,” said Vince Cacace, Vertebrae CEO and founder. “We’ve seen how customers respond to it with an increase in engagement, conversion and average order value.”

The pilot program with CB2 is still in its early stages, but Vertebrae’s preliminary data shows that products with an AR experience see an overall 7% increase in conversion, a 21% increase in revenue per visit and a 13% increase in average order value.

Cacace said CB2 wanted to offer the products from the GQ partnership in AR since men who are furnishing their first apartments often aren’t as familiar with interior design.

“The numbers within AR are substantial in terms of helping to drive online furniture sales,” said Cacace, “In some ways, it’s better than in store, since you can see the product in your own environment with your belongings to get an idea of how the colors fit, how big the piece is and how it might look in a corner.”

The idea is to use AR technology as a way to then drive consumers in store to see, feel and touch the furniture.

Samie Barr, CB2’s vice president of marketing, says the quick nature of using the technology makes all the difference, since half of the site traffic comes from mobile users. “It very much lined up with where we are seeing our customers visit us,” said Barr.

Barr added that the CB2 catalog captures the nature of AR well when it offers consumers the chance to “take it for a test drive” and “love it but not ready to commit, see how every item looks in your space, true to scale, no app needed.”

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