Chinese bedroom producers can seek separate rate status

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Commerce announced this week that Chinese bedroom manufacturers that want to be considered for a separate rate status need to place a request within 30 calendar days of the April 12 announcement.

This announcement came as a correction to a March 4 notice regarding the annual administrative review. This notice failed to include Chinese-made wooden bedroom furniture among the categories where companies could request a separate antidumping duty rate.

The application process would allow such producers to apply for a more competitive rate than either the all-China rate and/or the Section A rate assigned to many wooden bedroom furniture producers.

Antidumping duties are assigned to manufacturers but paid by importers of record. The duties aim to address pricing tactics the U.S. government has deemed unfair to U.S. producers of similar products.

Companies that wish to qualify for this separate rate status must complete either a separate rate certification or a separate rate application and respond to additional questions that are part of the review process. Both forms are available on the DOC website and can be accessed here.

To be considered for a separate rate status, producers must submit the applications to the DOC no later than 30 calendar days after the corrected notice was published in the Federal Register on April 12.

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