Cleaning Routines That Could be Ruining Your Belongings

Our obsession with cleaning is surely a curious beast. Our urge to avoid the things that make us sick, has driven us to a whole new level of cleaning. After all, having a clean place feels much nicer.

Our obsession with cleaning is surely a curious beast. Our urge to avoid the things that make us sick,Guest Posting has driven us to a whole new level of cleaning. Sometimes so extreme, that it may be actually making us sick. After all, having a clean place feels much nicer. One would think that keeping a pristine home is not that complicated. Clearly it is not, we’ve succeeded to make it so complicated that removing the simplest stain can actually leave us with headache and even more mess than we’ve started with. Sometimes using too much of a product or cleaning the surfaces too often will most likely wear down your stuff even faster.

Washing The Windows on a Sunny Day

Cleaning the windows on a nice sunny day seems really appropriate, but it actually only leaves you with streaky windows. The glass cleaners dry too fast at direct sunlight. So, the best time in any season to wash your windows is in the late afternoon or evening. Pretty much when the skies are overcast, but is warm enough to dry the cleaner. For sparkling glass and quicker drying you can use squeegee. It easily covers more surface area with every swipe.

Cleaning Everything With Vinegar

We are all very familiar with the use of vinegar and are mostly glad to have it in our cleaning arsenal. It works great when lifting stains, cleaning the windows and so many more. It is environment friendly and not at all expensive. However, its acidic base means you can’t quite clean with vinegar everywhere. So, when in need of cleaning detergent, avoid using vinegar on those surfaces:

  • Granite and marble counter tops
  • Hardwood floors
  • On your iron
  • Stone floor tiles
  • On an egg stain or spill

Using General Cleaners on Electronics

Electronics, such as mobile phones, television and monitors are delicate and can be damaged by general cleaning detergents. Paper towels’ fibers can create scratches on the surface of those electronics and the ammonia in the cleaning products doesn’t mix well with your computer screen. Try using microfiber cloth and spray the cloth with little water and gently wipe.

Cleaning Bare-Handed

Just because your cleaning detergent is homemade it doesn’t mean it is completely safe to use it with your bare hands. Your skin will absorb almost any substance that comes in contact with. Even the eco-friendly products can dry out your hands. Use gloves with a lined cotton interior as a protective measure for your hands, plus they are comfortable and you will be more motivated to put them on.

Using Extra Softener

Perhaps you have one or two towels that are rough and when laundering them you put a little extra of the softener. Well, I have bad news for you, doing this it only gives you the opposite effect. The fabrics become stiff and scratchy and even lose their absorbency level. No matter what softeners you buy, make sure you are using them properly on items for which absorbency and breathability is important.

Always Read The Instructions

Each cleaner and disinfectant has its own specialty and reading the label can tell you lots of important facts. You may discover some new preference regarding your laundry machine or dishwasher. It is essential to know:

  • How to apply the product
  • How long does it take to be effective
  • If it is safe for the surface
  • If the surface should be cleaned first
  • What precautions should be taken before using the product

No matter how many versatile functions you find to use vinegar for or trying to implement new cleaning techniques you’ve just read in the magazine, all that will work on 100% when you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. Lacking that and you are ruining your belongings. You will start replacing your furniture and furnishing way too often and that’s not efficient. It is only logical when you do not know how to deal with the problem to look for help, be it from a neighbour, or having your property cleaned by a local cleaning company. If you decide to use the services of home cleaners, then you don’t have to worry about reading the labels of the detergents and you’re saving yourself from buying unnecessary products.


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