Coohom receives Shopify award for Most Innovative Application

SHANGHAI, CHINA- Coohom, a 3D visualization company with many customers in the home furnishings industry, received the award for Most Innovative Application at the recent Shopify Developer Hackathon.

At the Hackathon, the merchant reps along with a 13-member jury that includes Shopify’s global application ecology leader, Shopify’s R&D director, Facebook’s Asia Pacific team and Google’s Developer Community team, decided unanimously to bestow the award upon Coohom’s 3D viewer for e-commerce.

According to Shopify, 360 spin is one of the plug-ins that makes products look clearer by showing off key details and features.

Coohom said its Model 3D viewer is a real-time 3D visualization solution that allows customers to take full control of spin speed, rotation direction and ability to zoom in to see detail. Within the viewer, things such as color, texture and components of the product have a wide choice of options and can be changed instantly, the company said.

Also, once the 3D assets are generated, virtual realistic photos can be created automatically on the Coohom site for marketing and online selling.

As an associate member of the Khronos Group, which is developing an industry standard for 3D graphics as well as augmented and virtual reality, Coohom works with furniture and home decoration customers to create general 3D models and then apply them in 360-degree spins, as well as AR/VR.

Coohom is the international arm of Kujiale, a 3D product visualization and home décor firm that powers more than 14,000 enterprises globally. To date, the company has raised more than $160 million from global investors including GGV, Hearst and IDG.

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