Costs of Commercial Cleaning Explained — Know Where Your Money Goes

By today, most business owners already know the need for a professional cleaning service. That’s why the competition for cleaning companies is growing in the market every day. It makes the business owners hard to decide on a good company that provides professional service at a reasonable price. Since there are a lot of frauds in the market that fool their customers with dramatically less pricing as they are unlicensed and uninsured. Be careful.

Now,Guest Posting if you know all about this and have already hired a good company you may feel uneasy since you are not an expert in the field and you don’t know what window cleaners are charging you for. From all the experience working in one of the window cleaning company. I am writing this article to show you what the costs cover in general in many Commercial Cleaning Service packages.

  1. Size of your business

Some services use cost per square area method while some charge you on an hourly basis but overall, it all boils down to the larger your space, the more the cost.

2. Frequency


Does your company need regular, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly cleaning service? The number of people working at or visiting your business on a daily basis can help the company make the best recommendation.

3. How much cleaning is needed?

If you only require a light cleaning service, it will cost you much less than a deep cleaning service that covers everything from dusting, disinfecting, mopping, sweeping etc. Depending on the type of business you have like a small office, large building, apartments, hospital, business centre etc., the service to be provided becomes more unique and the costs can greatly vary.

4. Kitchens, Bathrooms and Windows


These places require a more thorough and tedious cleaning than normal walkways, driveways, halls etc. Some companies cover this in their general package and may not do a proper job. Some charge you extra but can give you much better results as unique skills and equipment are required especially for window cleaning.


For the Window Cleaning Service, I highly recommend you to research about different companies’ request quotes and the reviews they have on different sites.

A professional cleaning company always visits your business site for inspection and considers all the possibilities and requests of the customer before providing you with a custom quote and pricing as per the frequency of their service you choose to go with. So, now you know where your money is going and what things you should consider when paying them for a certain service package.


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