CPSC delays furniture tip-over vote a second time

WASHINGTON – The vote on whether the ASTM voluntary furniture stability standard is made mandatory has been delayed once again. Originally scheduled for Tuesday of this week, the vote had been delayed until today.

According to the American Home Furnishings Alliance, one or more CPSC commissioners have requested a live vote. Typically, this happens when a commissioner wants to make public statements related to their votes.

A date for the vote hasn’t been announced, but the AHFA believes it’s likely to take place mid-April.

Late last week, the CPSC completed its review of the ASTM standard as required by the STURDY Act. Commission staff said the standard “could” be reasonably adopted as a mandatory product safety standard.

If CPSC commissioners determine that the ASTM standard meets the requirements of STURDY, the staff recommends publishing a direct final rule, which would replace the current rule that goes into effect May 24.

STURDY Act, which Congress signed into law in December, requires the CPSC to determine whether a voluntary standard exists that meets the requirements that Congress specified in the statute. If such a voluntary standard exists and meets STURDY’s requirements for protecting children up to 72 months of age from injury or death from clothing storage unit tip-overs, then the Commission must, within 90 days of its determination, promulgate a final consumer product safety standard that adopts that voluntary standard.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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