Did you know today is World Wood Day?

VIENNA, Austria —The International Union of Forest Research Organizations celebrates World Wood Day annually on March 21 to increase visibility around the role that wood plays as a renewable biomaterial.

Coinciding with the UN’s International Day of Forests, the organization champions wood as a sustainable and biodiverse material as well as promoting sustainable forestry practices.

The IUFRO, a non-profit NGO, is a network of forest scientists and promotes global cooperation in forest-related research. According to the organization, it seeks to “enhance the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees. IUFRO is “the” global network for forest science cooperation. It unites more than 15,000 scientists in around 650 member organizations in more than 125 countries.”

The two-day virtual global conference has programming such as Trees and Non-Wood Forest Products: Challenges, Opportunities and Sustainability as well as Digital Wood Anatomy.

For the complete schedule see: http://www.worldwoodday.org/2022/symposium

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