Emma launches smart mattress as sales soar

Emma – The Sleep Company has reported a leap in sales for 2020, while expanding its profitability by double-digit €m. With a growth rate of +170%, the sleep brand turned over €405m last year, compared to €150m in 2019. Moreover, Emma sold 1.5 million mattresses 2020, the highest number of any D2C sleep brand.

“I am excited, grateful and proud that we are progressing at light speed to make Emma the number-one global sleep brand,” says Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO and founder of Emma, alongside Manuel Mueller (pictured). “A turnover of €405m in 2020 proves that our three levers to globally scale the business – growth in new markets, increasing market share in existing markets and expanding our omnichannel strategy – are well chosen.” 

Emma’s global team has grown to more than 500, with 200 new hires in 2020 across locations in Frankfurt, Manila, Lisbon, and, more recently, Shanghai.

Emma has also announced the launch of a new smart mattress, Emma Motion, through which the brand is “not only changing, but revolutionising the way people sleep”, says Manuel.

The Emma Motion has been developed over two years. Its unique features include: the Infinite AI Sensor, a mat that uses an AI-based neural network to permanently detect the sleep position; and Silent Move IQ technology, which ensures that the mattress automatically, silently and smoothly adapts to each change of sleep position.

“The Emma Motion ensures optimal spinal alignment throughout the entire night,” emphasised Manuel, “which is one of the single most important drivers of sleep quality. Emma Motion also comes with our proven Diamond Degree technology, to control the temperature through millions of graphite particles in the top layer. In conjunction with the fully integrated design of Emma Motion, it is the world’s most advanced smart mattress and is nothing short of a sleep revolution.”

Emma Motion will launch in France and the Netherlands this month, and will be made available in more countries throughout the year. 

In the coming months, Emma will also launch more sleep tech products, such as the Emma App, as well as extending its existing product lines with the introduction of a customisable, upholstered bed line, the Emma Bed.

Emma is not only expanding its product portfolio, but also its global reach and channel penetration. Emma already works with about 100 retailers worldwide, and its products can be found in over 1700 shops (the Japanese market is the latest addition to Emma’s global presence).

The sleep brand is now online in all 10 of the largest global mattress markets, which together represent more than 80% of global mattress consumption. In total, Emma operates in 26 countries, via web shops, marketplaces, and retailers. To best serve retail partners, Emma has curated a special assortment called Emma Select – the roll-out of which is already under way.

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