Ethan Allen expanding AR app capability

DANBURY, Conn. – Ethan Allen Interiors has added 3,000 products to its augmented reality app called Ethan Allen inHome.

“This technology represents an investment in our future,” said Farooq Kathwari, Ethan Allen Interiors chairman, president and CEO. “It’s a game changer. AR is a unique way to engage customers and contribute to better purchasing decisions. Ethan Allen inHome is the perfect complement to working with our designers. It’s transforming the retail experience for our clients.”

With the Ethan Allen inHome app, customers can visualize products in their own home using an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Launched in June of last year, the Ethan Allen inHome app displays products in proper size and scale to a space and allows multiple items to be placed in a room at the same time.

Intiaro, a company specializing in augmented reality and 3D visualization solutions for interior designers, developed the app for Ethan Allen.

The company says two new features in the app are “Background Sharing” and “Contact a Designer”.

“The Ethan Allen inHome app now has a unique feature that allows users to create backgrounds or photos with embedded spatial information that enables designers and consumers to share a space to be worked on remotely,” said Michal Stachowski, Intiaro vice president of customer success.

For example, Stachowski says a customer can take a few snapshots of their house in Florida and share them with her favorite designer in New York. The designer can then drop items from the entire line of Ethan Allen products back into the space at scale and propose quick arrangement ideas back to the customer.

The “Contact a Designer” function in the app lets customers reach out to the closest designer with a request for help on a particular item or to start a conversation about a makeover of their interior.

The Ethan Allen inHome app also allows users to create screenshot designs and save them to email or share via social media. When shopping on from a mobile device, users can tap a button that says “view in home” on a product page to launch that product in the app.

 Ethan Allen inHome AR app

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