Floorplanner.com invites users to let the sunshine in

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – Tech company Floorplanner.com, which creates 2D and 3D room layouts for retailers and interior designers, has upgraded its platform to allow for controllable sunlight direction and a panoramic background setting.

With Floorplanner, each detail, accessory, piece of furniture and measurement can be customized for presentation to a client, with a new level of realism created using sunlight and a picturesque background.

“When I saw that I could take this design to the next level with realistic sunlight and a background image, I jumped at the opportunity,” said Katie Greene, Floorplanner.com account manager for the U.S. “I found a stunning view of a landscape, applied it to the background and even adjusted my light direction to look like it’s coming from the sun in the background image.”

Users are able to view the background and sunlight from the exterior 3D view of the floor plan, including being able to add a sky and clouds. Greene said these items can be added and adjusted in real time and viewed on the final renderings.

Also, in the coming weeks, Floorplanner.com plans to release an additional platform update where users can set one single panoramic image that works for all cameras, along with adding a series of default scenes that can be used.

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