Handy Ltd. agrees to acquire Aero Zip

LONDON — Handy Limited, a supplier of bedding and upholstery components, has reached an agreement to acquire the non-zip related assets and sales from Aero Zip Ltd., which include elastic webbing, hook and loop, piping cord and flanged edge roll, elastic, narrow woven polyester tapes, non-woven fabrics, and valance board.

The announcement has come as Will Evans, who founded Aero Zip 40 years ago, revealed his intention to retire and the phased closure of Aero Zip Ltd.

With an existing product range of more than 1,500 components, the acquisition will help Handy expand its offering to UK upholstery and bedding manufacturers, while developing new relationships with current Aero Zip customers.

As of Sept. 1, Handy will manage the distribution and sales of all Aero’s non-zip related business.

To learn more about Handy and the acquisition, visit the company’s website.

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