Here’s a 1st look at Top 100 MillerKnoll’s new retail HQ

STAMFORD, Conn. — Top 100 retailer MillerKnoll’s new retail headquarters here is open.

Located within The Village, a newly developed waterfront campus in Stamford’s South End, officials say the new retail headquarters at 4 Star Point, Suite #301, reflects the company’s latest research and strategic insights and offers a prime location with an abundance of amenities for employees to enjoy. The new space addresses employee needs and rapid company growth while rethinking the future of the modern workplace through innovative design solutions.

“Opening our new Stamford office is a part of the work we are doing to invest in our retail operations. We created an innovative space where our team can work smarter and feel collectively productive,” said Debbie Propst, president of global retail, MillerKnoll. “We live and breathe what we share with our clients. Our office at The Village shows what we can do.”

The new location serves as the main office for the company’s retail and wholesale businesses across the Herman Miller, Knoll, Design Within Reach (DWR), Hay, Muuto and Fully brands, and it complements the MillerKnoll corporate headquarters in Zeeland, Mich.

It replaces the company’s former office above the Design Within Reach studio at 711 Canal Street in Stamford with a footprint to accommodate up to 30% more employees, a priority for MillerKnoll as the collective continues to expand its retail business following its July 2021 acquisition of Knoll.

“As a Connecticut resident, I know first-hand how incredibly active and vibrant the Stamford community is,” continued Propst. “The relocation of our retail offices provides MillerKnoll countless opportunities to grow as our new collective and our brands continue to evolve. We look forward to welcoming our employees into this new collaborative environment specifically designed to support the needs and values of our team.”

The company has invested in new channels, expanded its global reach, launched new product categories and, by July, will have more than 80 brick-and-mortar retail locations across domestic and international markets. As a result, the retail business has nearly doubled in the past two years.

A look at one of the work areas in MillerKnoll's new retail headquarters in Stamford, Conn.
A look at one of the work areas in MillerKnoll’s new retail headquarters in Stamford, Conn.

Leveraging knowledge and foresight into the evolving role of the physical office, MillerKnoll developed its design approach to create an engaging space that recognizes the needs of employees today while anticipating the future.

Concepts such as air quality and access to natural light along with easily accessible amenities were prioritized in the design of the workspace.  In support of human health and well-being, and ensuring equal access for all occupants of the space, all rooms have access to natural light and beautiful views

The office can seat up to 310 employees at a time within three different types of workspaces – individual, group and community, which provides a significant 60% increase in variety of workspace styles in comparison to the previous retail offices. The new organizational framework gives employees more options than ever before with a 173% increase in group and community seats as a focus. Unassigned flex workstations and a 26% increase in work points from the former office allow for more choices of posture, along with the option to work from an array of settings each with varying energy levels and benefits.

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