High gloss kitchen doors versus Matte finish style – Which one to choose?

Altering the kitchen cabinets is one of the most important changes that you can include in your kitchen renovation planning. Most of the people put stress on the choice of color and style along with the types of handles, but in reality, the finishing or surface of the cabinet is equally crucial.

 The interior designer you will consult regarding the issue will leave you with two major choices – gloss and matt. Well,Guest Posting before deciding what to choose and what to discard, you are required to know the difference. Let’s check out the some of the facts that set the high gloss kitchen doors with that of the matte finished cabinets

Clarifying definitions

As the name suggests the high gloss cabinets are shiny and perfect for reflecting light all over the room. The doors are made of 100% gloss material and are trending in the market from the year 1970. Most of the interior designers recommend this particular door for contemporary kitchen styles. The high gloss kitchen doors look best in the white color base. On the contrary, the matte finished doors cannot contribute in light distribution. This particular texture is appropriate for the traditional kitchen. However, many designers stress on creating a fusion style by combining it with other design.

High gloss style versus Matte styling based on their pros

High gloss finish

  • As it helps in even distribution of light in the kitchen, it automatically makes the area look more spacious than it actually is. Those who have small kitchen are more likely to incorporate this style to make sure their space look big.
  • You can fill the kitchen area with other colorful pallets to make the color pattern more interesting. The colors will get reflected in the glass doors and create an amazing hue in the area.
  • It is quite easy to clean and maintain the high gloss kitchen doors, unlike its other contemporary parts. All you need is a piece of dry cloth to clean up the corners of glass doors neatly. However, you are required to make sure the material of the cloth is made of microfiber to prevent the formation of scratches on the door.

Matte finish

  • As it does not reflect like high gloss kitchen doors, the appearance of finger spots remains minimum on this particular type. However, it does not mean that no marks will be visible from the exterior, but the chances will always remain low.
  • Matte finish cabinet doors are available mostly in dark shades. Therefore, you can experiment with the dark color combination.

The pros are not all that can make any of these two types surpass the other ones. At the end of the day, it is your decision and preference. However, if you decide to make the comparison on the basis of maintenance and contemporary appeal, high gloss kitchen doors will undoubtedly prove to be the better choice in this case. These are easily available in both online and offline stores and that too in a wide range of variety and prices.

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