How to Successfully Install Wooden Shutters

Shutters are meant to add value to your property. However, some home owners or residents do not tap into these benefits because of poor installation. This article addresses some of the issues during installation that will enable you to either get value or fail to utilize this value. Installation is discussed by an expert who has been installing shutters for decades. It is a guide that will answer questions by amateurs and professionals alike, providing conclusive answers that are enough to enable you make a decision. The insights provided have been verified and proven to offer value upon installation.

Interior window shutters are installed for the purpose of decoration. However,Guest Posting they play other roles including offering protection against allergies, providing privacy and insulating the home. Installing Wooden Shutters requires meticulous considerations to ensure that they serve their purpose. It is not automatic that this purpose will be served. To successfully install these shutters, here are important considerations to make.

Do I need shutters in my house?

Each home and room is unique. The fact that you saw a beautiful house with or without shutters is not a reason for you to install or not install. The first decision you have to make is whether you need these shutters or not. Here are reasons why you should consider having shutters in your house.


  • Beauty- shutters are used to augment the aesthetics of a house. Wooden shutters add a flare of class when added inside or outside the house. The wood will fit into a traditional design because of its natural appeal as well as add a tone of class to modern designs. You will never get it wrong when you use wood for your shutters.

  • Privacy- the minute you close your wooden shutters, no one can see what is going on in your house. They are therefore perfect for town and even plantation houses. You will have full control over your life.

  • Value of the house- shutters are used to raise the value of a house. They give an impression of a meticulously built house. They also make the house to appear well cared for. This will drastically increase its value.

  • Protection against allergies- shutters are the best alternative to cloths and other materials used in manufacture of curtains. They do not trap dust and are easy to keep clean. They will therefore not expose your children to allergic reactions. You will never have to bring the curtains down every so often in order to clean them. They only require wiping periodically.

  • Long term- shutters are durable compared to curtains or other materials you might use. Wooden shutters will last for decades and even a lifetime without the need for replacement. This saves you money and makes them eco friendly.

  • Sound proofing- shutters are a perfect way to keep sound out of your room. Wood does not allow as much sound through as curtains would. This allows you to perform multiple functions with the same shutters.

What Type of Shutters do you need for your house?

Shutters will be customized for your house. Failure to consider the opening mechanism, size and functions of your windows will lead to trouble using the same window. Some shutters may prevent your windows from opening. Others may make it difficult to get light whenever you need it. The method of installation might also not fit the material you have used for your house. Seek the assistance of a specialist to assess your shutter needs and make a recommendation. The only way to get the shutters installed properly is by knowing the kind you need for your house.

Accurate Measurements

Each house and room has unique measurements. Before you order shutters for your house, request a technician to visit and take accurate measurements. This allows you to make considerations for opening as well as ensure that shutters do not interfere with lighting. Different brands might also capture different dimensions. Work with an experienced technician who understands the dynamics of successful installation of shutters.

Consider the Hinges

An allowance must be provided for hinges. This allows the shutters to open and get out of the way. You have two options when mounting. You may opt for frame mounting which is a straight forward technique where you utilize the shutter frame over the existing window. The frame of your window must have the requisite depth to accommodate fastening without affecting the amount of light coming into your room or its quantity. You may also opt for direct mounting where the hinge is attached directly on the frame. In either of the cases, a decision must be made whether they will be mounted around the opening or within the recess of the window.

Customized Shutter

The size and installation dynamics of the frame determine the design you will adapt for your wooden shutters. This explains why shutters are customized for each house. The type of wood you use will also determine the aesthetics of the shutters. Though they can be painted, clear varnishing gives them the enviable classical wooden feel. The quality of wood determines how beautiful the shutters will be. The accuracy of measurements must be maintained with necessary allowances being given for opening.

Professional Installation of Shutters

With customized shutters, installation should not be a huge challenge. Consider other features of the house like the need to match its architectural design, blending with the background color, corners or paths near the window, etc. Installation should not hinder lighting, the need to open these windows or other functions that must take place near the window.

Attachment to the existing window will determine how well the shutters will serve you. The window may be wooden or metallic, each calling for use of a different mechanism and attachment material. If the material is not compatible to the method use, the joints will weaken and cause trouble. If the shutters come with own frame, it must add to the aesthetics and functionality of the entire window. The shutters should be easy to open from the designed position. They must serve the purpose of protecting the window and interior which calls for professional design.

Professional design, construction and installation of wooden shutters will determine how well they serve you. Quality wood also has an effect on the durability of the shutters. Match the color and design in a way that they complement the entire house. Maintain the shutters appropriately to ensure that they serve the intended purpose and do not lead to extra expenses of repair and replacement. This is an accessory in the house that is both functional and aesthetic in nature.

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