IMC launches new e-commerce division: IMC_di

International Market Centers (IMC) has launched a new stand-alone B2B e-commerce division called IMC_di, short for IMC Digital Innovations, which is designed to offer vendors a single integrated platform to reach new buyers, capture leads and grow sales.

“IMC_di’s customer-centric digital tools will connect physical and digital markets and will amplify the business-to-business and person-to-person experiences that make our markets so special,” says Bob Maricich, IMC CEO. “This new digital platform will enhance and extend IMC’s physical markets.”

Maricich said the platform will connect buyers and sellers and will open new business opportunities for customers. With the backing of investment firm Blackstone, IMC is committing as much as $100 million dollars to the new division.

To create this new division, IMC also acquired two technology companies that are focused on the gift, home furnishings and apparel industries. These include Pharos, formerly a division of Whereoware, and RepZio. Pharos is an integrated sales, marketing and commissioning software made for the gift and home furnishings industry. And, RepZio is a patented business-to-business sales solution and digital marketplace enabling wholesale vendors and buyers to connect and transact on a B2B basis.

Eric Dean, the founder of Pharos, is now the new president of IMC_di. RepZio founders Max and Alex Fraser, as well as Brandon Ward, who currently leads digital services at IMC, will serve as senior vice presidents. Together, the combined executive team has more than 75 years of experience in wholesale markets, software development, B2B commerce and digital innovation.

In addition to supplier and buyer benefits, the new division’s products will bridge physical and digital sales and work in harmony with multi-line sales agencies.

The new team includes engineers, seasoned developers and software marketers. Within the next 12 months, the team is slated to hire 50 to 75 additional full-time employees with particular emphasis on solution-based product development, hands-on customer success and onboarding, and user experience.

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