Including casement window in your window layout’s plan?

This unique design feature makes casement windows the second-best in terms of energy efficiency and the most efficient among window styles that can open

Windows are an essential element when it comes to planning your home’s appearance,Guest Posting be it both interior and exterior. It serves an entry for air and natural light to enter into the house, to secure its warmth and ventilation. When it comes to choosing a window, there are many kinds of windows that you can choose from, be it casement window, top hung window, tilt turn a window, or arched window.

Among the parts that you should look into and consider when deciding on windows should include the appearance and the placement as well. These are the criteria that will give a significant influence of your house to look stand out and look lively.

So when you start to get to work, what are the plans that you should have in mind? If you are planning to design a new house, what kind of layout will attract you, for you to take into consideration?

Consider the view

You should decide on the view first, therefore, the place for your casement window, for example, is crucial as it will dictate the view that your eyes will be fixated to, every day.

Choose the right size of your window

Decide your window according to your architectural style. How will you want your windows to be like? Is it classic and traditional, or contemporary and sleek? These are the questions that homeowners should have in mind when planning to design the elements for their residence.

The size matters as it will dictate the amount of sunlight to heat up the whole room. Worry not, if you are not a fan of curtains, you can always install a window blind instead.

Decide your window accordingly to your architectural style

What do you want your house to look like? Is it classic and traditional, or contemporary and sleek? These are the questions that homeowners should have in mind when planning to design the elements for their residence. 

Then it is wise to adhere to the architectural style for your window as such you may opt for a casement window. The casement window has become a pretty common choice.

Let the sunlight sneaks into your room

It will invite a relaxing atmosphere when you are designing the window that allows the natural light to come in. It is advisable to follow the orientation of the sun in order to choose the placement of your window. This is to ensure that you will receive sufficient light needed and avoid getting too much heat or cold.

If your room is getting too much sunlight at times it’s causing the temperature to rise, a window blind that you install can help to reduce the temperature and block the sunlight from getting inside your room directly.

It helps to reduce your high utility bills, indirectly, benefiting the environment as well.

Different types of window

As all windows can be considered the same as they let in light and many of them provide some ventilation. There are many types of window that varies from one another, that can give different looks to fit with a building’s architectural design or decorative style. 

1)Casement windows

This type of window usually offers a more open ventilation area compared to other window types. They have quite large glass panes in providing ample light that is uninterrupted by muntin bars. But its very effective for improved energy performance as it has a good seal when it is closed or locked.

2)Picture windows

Picture windows are very large which provides very broad views with ample sunlight from outside. It is best to be placed in areas and spaces that do not require airflow because they do not open. This type of window is less prone to air leakage, however, the large glass panes can lose and or gain a lot of heat in comparison with an insulated wall.

3)Slider windows

For slider windows, the slide opens sideways. They have similarities with casement windows where they provide ample ventilation and clear wide views but too bad, they can’t be sealed tightly as casement windows do. It is quite simple as they require no mechanical parts except for a lock and it has a very basic seal. Therefore, they are less pricey than any other type of window. It is usually used for egress windows in the basement or below-grade bedrooms because of their easy operations.


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