JYSK launches global recruitment drive after hitting 3000 store milestone

After hitting the milestone of 3000 stores worldwide in February, Danish retailer JYSK has set its next goal – 5000 stores.

To assist recruitment, JYSK has launched an employer branding campaign with help from its existing store managers.

JYSK has 21 stores across the UK, and plans to open five more by the end of the year. The new stores mean new job opportunities, and through JYSK’s worldwide employer branding campaign, the retailer hopes to find the best in retail talent.

JYSK hopes to reach new store managers through its ‘Want to join our 3,000 Store Managers?’ multichannel campaign, run both internally and externally, while through digital advertisements, videos and an interactive online store manager quiz, JYSK hopes to further expand its reach.

“With our sights set on 5000 stores globally, we are on a mission to find the best retail store managers out there,” explains JYSK’s UK & Ireland HR manager, Dawn Howe. “It’s been a tough year for employment, so we are so excited by the prospects that the employer branding campaign is going to bring.

“During this campaign, we have two main goals: to celebrate our existing 3000 store managers, who are proud to be part of JYSK as much as we are proud to have them as part of JYSK; and to attract the future, the best of retail talent, who will help us reach further in our journey to 5000 stores. As we say at JYSK – when you grow, we grow.”

For more information on the JYSK Store 3000 campaign, or to take the test, click here.

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