Live Furnish’s 3D Image Application For Furniture & Home Furnishings Cuts Production Costs As Much as 80% and raises sales as much as 46%

Live Furnish

Imagine if there was a 3D technology company that could take what is considered by some as confusing, expensive, and time-consuming to create 3D images for home furnishings manufacturers and retailers and make it easy, fast and cost-effective? What if they could do all of that while dramatically raising product views and sales by over 50%?

You don’t have to imagine this any more thanks to Live Furnish (, the easy-to-use 3D platform that creates absolutely stunning images. They are a US-based technology platform that has built an easy-to-use platform for manufacturers, brands, and retailers to create interactive 3D product renderings and room settings at a fraction of the cost and time studio photographers and agencies charge. And it keeps the control of the entire process in the hands of the companies themselves.

“Your product, 3D photorealized,” is how the company and its CEO Preet Singh put it. “We can save a company 80% of the cost and as much as 90% of the time versus traditional product development cycles by letting them harness the power of 3D themselves.” Customers use Live Furnish to create 3D product renderings before going to production for samples which is incredibly important in today’s world where sustainability is more important than ever.

Live Furnish

Live Furnish was founded in 2018 by Singh who has a strong technology background and was frustrated shopping for furniture with his mom. He realized that there has to be a better way so he set out to build Live Furnish. “We were trying to solve the problem of visualization and I thought why isn’t there something out there that will help her see how things look more easily. I felt 3D graphics were the solution.” At its start, Live Furnish was focused more on helping retailers needing to show products to shoppers. Soon it became apparent that the real need – and the real market opportunity– was for an application that manufacturers could use for product development, marketing, and sales to their customers.

“We saw product views increase an average of 62% and as high as 350%, leading to an average sales increase of 46% for items using Live Furnish 3D images.” – Justin Bowen, eCommerce Mgr, The Great American Home Store

But this is where Singh was determined to put the tools of Live Furnish in the hands of its customers. “We wanted to build a self-service platform where companies own the entire content process, not farm it out to third-party agencies,” Singh said digital agencies were expensive and the process took a long time. Often times there are constant back-and-forth rounds of revisions resulting in companies having less control of their content.

Live Furnish is very different. Companies receive 1:1 training so they can get started right away creating 3D images themselves, without any prior background in the technology. These can be based on product renderings, eliminating the need to produce actual product samples, another time-consuming and expensive process. They can place these products in room settings and mix and match with other products, both from their own lines and, in the case of retailers, with merchandise from other vendors. So a room setting of a sofa, tables, lamps, rugs, art, and decorative accessories can use multiple lines to show shoppers how they will look all together.

Live Furnish

“We can do it all, creating beautiful imagery, often without any physical products,” Singh said. Companies can start creating print catalogs, marketing materials and even selling before an actual product reaches the showroom, without any special equipment, digital experience, or dedicated hardware. Customers don’t need a computer science degree or graphic design background and it’s a lot easier than anyone thinks. Costs start at $50 per 3D image.

Customers including the Great American Home Store love Live Furnish. “We saw product views increase an average of 62% and as high as 350%, leading to an average sales increase of 46% for items using Live Furnish 3D images.” – Justin Bowen, eCommerce Manager, The Great American Home Store

“If you don’t have really pretty pictures to show customers then you are going to struggle with conversion to sales,” Singh said.  Since its founding, Live Furnish – which currently focuses on the home furnishings industry has worked with over 130 companies in the furniture, home textiles, and decorative accessories sector. It has also been an investor darling, attracting more than $7 million in venture capital funding so far.

“We look at ourselves as a 3D technology provider, saving time, saving money, and allowing companies to be more nimble by bringing this technology in-house,” Singh said, adding, “This is so important versus using an outside agency. We allow companies to do it themselves, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.”

Live Furnish

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