Living Spaces personalizes online shopping experience

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – Furniture retailer Living Spaces has turned to digital company Episerver to help transform its web presence.

“We’re continually pushing the envelope of what digital and in-store experiences should feel and function like, to give furniture shoppers the confidence they need to make the best purchases for their homes and offices,” said Pete Franco, Living Spaces vice president of e-commerce.

Episerver’s 2018 Reimagining Commerce report found that 35% of shoppers don’t feel that the online retail experience is personalized enough.

Episerver’s senior director of commerce, Ed Kennedy, said companies who use his company’s digital cloud AI capabilities can personalize product presentations, calls-to-action and messaging, all based on customers’ real-time and historical behavior.

Franco said working with Episerver has resulted in a significant increase in Living Spaces’ net new users, growth in average order volume and an increase in conversion rates on the website in the first seven months after launch.

One of the additional time-saving advantages of the new system is that content is published once and then appears on multiple sites.

“We recommended two key components to make the new strategy effective. These included a focus on the overall content marketing strategy and the use of social media,” said Kennedy. “For content marketing, we recommended they not compete on price but instead reach consumers earlier in the buying journey by offering options such as augmented reality and recommendations for add-on pieces to fill out the room, similar to an in-store experience.”

Kennedy said they also started encouraging the social audience to participate in sweepstakes and giveaways and to share photos of their home spaces on the different platforms.

Living Spaces and Episerver


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