Make Your Kitchen the Focal Point of Your Home



The kitchen needs an overhaul,Guest Posting and you aren’t sure where to start. The beauty of this change in your life is that you have the potential to make it even more beneficial than updated appliances and an updated look. Consider the following tips to make your kitchen renovation project a success beyond your wildest dreams.

Eliminate Those Extra Steps

Are there parts of your cooking process that annoy you because the spices are too far from the stove, the dishes are too far from the dishwasher when you unload or the pots and pans take too long to sort through for the right one for tonight’s dinner? Give yourself the chance to change all of that. Move dishes and silverware so it is easier to unload the dishwasher and organize your pots and pans in a new way so they are close to the stove and easy to find. This is the perfect time to make those changes.

Arrange the Appliances Appropriately

If there are children in the home, it is wise to put the stove out of the main traffic area. Meanwhile, make sure the refrigerator is easy to get to for both the cook and anyone who is looking for a drink – since they tend to want one at the worst possible time. Make your kitchen accessible to everyone and be grateful when you are less stressed cooking dinner.

Choose a Countertop that Fits Your Expectations

There are certain materials that are going to stand up to wear and tear better than others. Likewise, there are countertops that will fit your budget and those that just don’t make sense financially. Companies like Great Lakes Granite & Marble can help estimate countertop cost when you make the countertop selection that fits your hopes for your kitchen. The choice for kitchen countertop edges to match your selected design – whether that is traditional or contemporary – can be made easily with help from experienced staff.

Don’t Let Corners Mess With Your Design

Recognize that every room has corners, and the kitchen is no exception. If you plan the layout appropriately, however, those corners can be an asset instead of an issue. Make sure the appliances are not stuck in the corner. Plan for the door swing on any cabinets located in that area. Consider space-saving techniques or different storage solutions to make sure those cabinets can be optimally used.

Countertop Space Is Important

It is a good idea to plan for 15 inches of space on either side of the stove and refrigerator. It is also important to have space where items can be placed when removed from the microwave. Give yourself these areas of countertop and be more than happy the first time you cook in your newly renovated kitchen.

Once you get into the job at hand, estimate countertop cost during your countertop selection and decide on the best possible kitchen countertop edges for your theme and layout, you will realize a big chunk of the project is underway. Then you can focus on the other details, like where to put the fridge and how to organize the corner cupboards.


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