Manwah adds ‘zero-gravity’ upgrade to all power motion at no charge

HIGH POINT — Manwah USA will convert its entire line of power motion products to add a zero-gravity mechanism, tapping into the ever-growing health and wellness market.

The company started with its MW Home collection and will now add the feature to all new Cheers brand motion products in development.

“While zero-gravity products have been offered in this industry before, no company has transitioned its entire line of power motion products with no additional costs to retailers,” said Gabriele Natale, president of Manwah USA. “This is now a free upgrade for all Manwah products and gives our retailer partners a stronger benefit story and consumers a reason to choose Manwah’s products over others.”

The company notified its customers in advance of the zero-gravity launch and received positive responses. Manwah noted that sales reps and retailers are aware of the benefits of selling the health-and-wellness category and the potential upside to their product mix.

Manwah’s scale of operations enables it to absorb the cost of putting one more mechanism in its motion offerings. It gives the retailer an ability to transition Manwah’s power motion products to a health-and-wellness product.

“Manwah’s power motion upholstery has always offered consumers a comfortable seating experience which could be customized to anyone’s individual preference, that today is now enhanced with a wellness component,” said Natale.

According to Manwah, the wellness product category is one of the fastest-growing consumer trends valued at more than $4 trillion dollars a year and is expected to continue growing.

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