Marxent offers retailers a flat fee to create image database

DAYTON, Ohio – Marxent, a furniture technology provider, has unveiled a new way for retailers to showcase product by creating a database of images that includes all possible fabric and leather colors, wood options and furniture styles.

Customers can then combine the items from the database in whatever configuration they desire.

“We’re excited about this because it addresses a real pain point for retailers,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and co-founder. “Photo renders of each individual product have been desirable and effective at increasing sales for many years, but they are difficult and expensive to implement comprehensively. We’ve made it accessible and easy for furniture retailers who depend on mass customization to visualize any option that a customer is inspired to explore.”

For a flat fee, Marxent’s data-driven process allows retailers to illustrate and reflect configuration choices that include every possible option and upgrade.

This same 3D content library can also be used to power augmented reality furniture apps, virtual reality experiences and more, according to the company. The content exports to all standard formats and is compatible with mobile and web browser-based shopping experiences.

Besecker says that until now, retailers and manufacturers with a broad product range, including items with combinations of options, furniture types, colors, sectional arrangements, and leather or fabric, have been limited by the resource-intensive process of manually producing and rendering 3D spins of each object one at a time.

“This new flat fee service eliminates the need for expensive and time-intensive product photography,” said Besecker. “It becomes a data exercise rather than a modeling exercise. Furniture retailers can now offer realistic views for every item in their catalog without paying a per-configuration cost, even for highly customized products. This helps make the idea of mass customization more realistic from a cost perspective.”  

Marxent 360 spins

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