New automated store brings retail ‘down to size’

NEW YORK — Technology company AiFi has unveiled its new NanoStore, an automated store of the future that’s on display this week at the main exhibit hall entrance to the National Retail Federation annual trade show in New York.

Integrated with in-store sensor fusion and artificial intelligence to enable the auto-checkout operation, this unstaffed, 24/7, checkout-free retail format for store operations can be branded by any retailer — including home furnishings.

“The NanoStores will change retail forever,” said Steve Gu, CEO and co-founder, AiFi. “Our technology will empower retailers to build and brand customized, automated tiny stores and deploy them anywhere. Retailers can set up this easy and attractive store for their customers in very little time.”

With the NanoStore, AiFi provides retailers the opportunity to expand their lines of business with a pattern for a 160-square-foot (or larger) flexible store which can fit in parking lots, college campuses, inside a shopping center or airport, or between buildings in a city.

The company says customers in the NanoStore can swipe a credit card or tap an app, select their items and walk out without the need for the retailer to have any onsite personnel to complete the transactions. Receipts are generated in almost real-time, so shoppers can review their shopping experience as they go and the entire shopping journey can be completed in seconds.

Through the built-in AiFi edge computing, computer vision and sensor fusion technology, retailers will receive remote real-time inventory tracking and analytics so each NanoStore can be stocked and customized with the right products and features, according to the needs of each location.

“NanoStores fit into the trend of retail stores getting smaller and smaller,” said Gu. “NanoStores are much faster and more convenient than any e-commerce or home delivery option. We look forward to NanoStores popping up all over in the near future.”

AiFi’s booth is located at Crystal Palace (CP-8) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

AiFi NanoStore

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