New CB2 outdoor collection hits the ‘suite’ spot

CHICAGO – CB2 has partnered with Los Angeles designer Ross Cassidy to launch a new outdoor collection called Suites. The company said the collection is designed in coordinating suites of products that are scaled for both large and small spaces.

“When it comes to the outdoor collection at CB2, our ethos is all about bringing the luxuries and timelessness of inside, out,” said Ryan Turf, CB2 president. “It’s reflected in our latest collection with Ross. His unique vision pairs a European sophistication with incredible attention to detail for outdoor living that still feels effortless and approachable.”

Cassidy has previously designed iconic pieces for CB2, including the Bozzi chair and Roma sectional.

The new outdoor collection from Cassidy features a French influence with luxe touches built on organic materials, such as patinated teak and woven rattan, and curved shapes. Pieces are washed with classic neutrals and pops of color that bring the colors of the coastal sand, sky and sea home.  Various shapes, textures, prints and patterns dot the collection, according to the company.

“This collection is meant to transport you to the beach clubs of Saint-Tropez. It’s rich, warm and casual, all with a luxurious approach,” said Cassidy. “I don’t know why we don’t see curved furniture outside more, but I think it’s time, which is why we created an outdoor version of the Bacio upholstery collection. When something works, I want to see it in as many ways as possible.”

From beach towels to rugs, Ross hand-painted all the patterns in the collection and then translated them onto the textiles. Organic touches round out the visual touches across six specific suites, according to Cassidy. The new collection features 65 pieces starting at $49.95.

  • PINET TEAK SUITE The luxury of the Pinet lies in its craftsmanship, which is constructed of FSC-certified natural teak.
  • REMO SUITE Pushing materiality to fresh new places, all-weather rattan meets timeless travertine in a silhouette that conjures classic French design.
  • NINO SUITE Rattan evokes the timelessness of resorts along the Riviera. This suite features an all-weather version with plush ivory cushions.
  • COLOMBE SUITE Available in two colorways, this suite was designed with small spaces in mind. Powder-coated metal is accented with all-weather rattan, paying homage to French villas in the 1960s.
  • BACIO SUITE A literal take on bringing the comfort of indoors, out. The Bacio collection is updated in all-weather rattan and plush cushions upholstered in Sunbrella performance fabric.
  • ROC SUITE Solid, acid-etched bluestone combines rugged durability with a rich texture typically reserved for indoor furnishings.

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