This article is about MIA ITALIA bathroom furniture brand – New Bathroom Style presents a new collection of luxury Italian vanities.

MIA ITALIA – is a well-known,Guest Posting luxury brand that produces high-quality bathroom furniture according to unique projects in classic and modern styles. The quality of the products is determined by the newest Italian technologies and design. The specialists of MIA ITALIA use their vast experience accumulated for more than 30 years of creating original bathroom vanities and cabinets.

This experience helps Milko Candelaresi, the lead designer of MIA ITALIA, to embody the true values of Italian culture and style. The mission of MIA ITALIA is to combine the best traditions of Italian art. It develops into producing furniture with original styling and modern technology.

The design of each furniture collection is thought out and made in Italy and is a story about Italian culture, the elegance of Italian style. That is why every detail is dictated by history and rich heritage.

Furniture, accessories, mirrors – all of them not only fulfill their practical function, but are also capable of giving a person daily joy. Any piece of furniture from this brand is an example of high craftsmanship. Wooden details, varnishing, fittings, glass elements – everything shows the master’s virtuosity and sensuality, which goes beyond the appearance, giving the uniqueness and value that is drawn from the richest artistic heritage of Italy.

Each unit of MIA ITALIA furniture is unique, individually numbered, made with love and passion for the craft, and dedicated to people who want to surround themselves with not only functional, but also “beautiful” furniture.

MIA ITALIA furniture lets the senses to unfold, think about beauty and feel lively emotions. MIA ITALIA is a brand that is steadily growing in interest in the international market and has earned the sincere love of customers: MIA ITALIA furniture is presented in the most popular showrooms in North America, the Middle East and Europe. Each product is reliably monitored from manufacture to delivery, as well as after-sales service. New Bathroom Style – is a trusted dealer and follower of brands mission of making the best possible use of the experience and art of “beauty”.

New Bathroom Style, bathroom supply online store and showroom in Brooklyn is happy to present the new exclusive bathroom vanity collection of MIA ITALIA. All the models are created and produced in Italy. The vanities feature a luxurious marble or glass top for a three or one-hole faucets. The furniture is made of MDF/DT that is highly resistible to a high humidity conditions. The scope of design that takes place in MIA ITALIA collection is the highest of authentic Italian design evolution. The manufacture of each piece of furniture is an example of the noblest tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each set of furniture produced from MIA ITALIA is a unique product – a product that comes from passion, made with love, and dedicated to people who want to be surrounded not only with functional furniture, but especially with a “beauty” in its broadest sense. MIA ITALIA and its furniture make you live through sensations, images, and brilliant experience. Those who touch this model recognizes the features, sharing them and making them their own, and then live them every day in everyday life.

MIA ITALIA bathroom furniture collection is a reality in an international scale. Models are available for the order at New Bathroom Style online store – as a special order from Italy. Call or visit a website today and competent managers will help you to make a wise choice.

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