New Mood Media dashboard manages all multimedia content

AUSTIN, Texas – Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company, has created a new platform called Harmony, which gives retail locations the ability to manage in-store music, digital signage, interactive experiences and fragrances using one digital dashboard.

“We believe in the importance of using sensory elements such as sight, sound, scent, social and system solutions,” said Trey Courtney, Mood Media’s global chief products and partnerships officer, citing a study by U.K.-based research agency Walnut Unlimited that revealed 78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere is a key factor in their decision to visit a brick-and-mortar location over using e-commerce.

Courtney said that the Harmony platform can provide welcoming music based on customer data for both the parking lot and in-store, along with visuals such as in-store ads, interactive technology and a welcoming scent that encourages customers to spend more time in the store.

“We work with both mom-and-pop, family-owned chains as well as larger retail outlets,” said Jaime Bettencourt, Mood Media senior vice president of North America business development.

Bettencourt said Harmony is able to create zoned areas in larger furniture stores with fragrances, music and experiences to differentiate one furniture setting from another. Mood Media can create the content or take a retailer’s current assets, such as ads, and work with them, according to the company.

“We recommend that stores change up sensory experiences frequently by offering new music and images on a regular basis,” Bettencourt said.

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