No winter blues allowed: Martha Stewart talks about enjoying the great outdoors, beautiful outdoor living spaces, and her new collection with Polywood

HIGH POINT — Lifestyle icon Martha Stewart announced a new partnership with casual furniture brand Polywood earlier this year and while warm-weather months are still many weeks away, Stewart has helpful advice for people yearning to create a beautiful exterior living space.

Go green. “One of the primary reasons we put so much effort into outdoor living spaces is to enjoy the beauty of nature,” Stewart said. “You can complement your area’s overall tree and shrub landscaping features with green details including simple garden planters and containers of herbs. If square footage is tight or you’re concerned with pets or children, consider decorative window boxes, hanging plants, or vines through lattice as an option.”

Don’t let winter keep you indoors. According to Stewart, it’s never been easier to add a cozy fire feature to your outdoor space, and a large yard is not needed to enjoy this element.

“When temperatures drop, it’s actually the ideal time to gather with your loved ones around the warm flames of a fire pit to toast s’mores or enjoy a seasonal beverage,” she said.

Decorate with accessories. “You don’t need to go overboard to adapt your outdoors to the changing seasons,” noted Stewart. “Accent your outdoor furniture with throw pillows to add pops of color and pattern. I love to use coffee and end tables to show off seasonal decor like lanterns and potted plants, and of course throw blankets are always within reach for enjoying your patio year-round.”

The new partnership between Stewart and Polywood is a natural fit, according to Polywood’s Doug Rassi.

Doug Rassi

“Martha’s brand is aligned with the Polywood brand in that we’ve both worked hard for over 30 years to earn a reputation for authenticity, high-quality products, and beautiful designs that are both timeless and innovative,” Rassi said. “As your readers know, the outdoor furniture market has grown exponentially in the past few years. So while today’s homeowners and designers have more choices than ever before, many feel most comfortable investing in products from heritage brands they know and trust, especially those that are made in the U.S., like Polywood.”

Each piece in the Chinoiserie collection is built to order with a lead time of one to two weeks, Rassi said. There are more than 80 SKUs currently, and additions to the collection planned for 2023.

“For over three decades we’ve strived to inspire homemakers with beautifully designed, unique, and high-quality products from American manufacturers they can trust,” Stewart said. “Polywood furniture checks all of those boxes and they’ve earned a reputation of excellence by producing sustainably made outdoor furniture in their Indiana and North Carolina facilities since 1990.

“The collection we’ve created together marries our shared dedication to superior function, comfort and timeless design,” she continued. “Our goal is to elevate the outdoor living experience of those who’ve come to rely on our brands for their home and entertaining needs. I have personally enjoyed Polywood pieces in my outdoor spaces.”

Rassi said that The Martha Stewart by Polywood customer is looking for stylish, durable products that are made in the U.S. He added that these customers are proud of their outdoor spaces, are looking for unique, low-maintenance designs that can be enjoyed with friends and family, and are committed to sustainability.

“Our commitment to sustainability has been a cornerstone of our business since we started producing durable lumber from recycled plastic containers 32 years ago,” Rassi explained. “In the three decades since then, we’ve witnessed a sea change in the outdoor furniture industry (and the sustainable goods market in general). We welcome the fact that more companies are coming out with products that keep environmental impact top of mind and are proud to have helped pioneer a sector of the home goods market that sought solutions to pollution problems while simultaneously striving to manufacture the highest quality furniture possible.

“Polywood’s well-established dedication to sustainability and innovation pairs perfectly with Martha Stewart’s insistence on superior function and design. We believe this collection will delight those who have come to expect the best from both of our brands.”

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