Palliser developing enhanced studio concept for digital age

WINNIPEG, Canada — Palliser is developing a new seating modeling and pricing system for retailers to install at their locations in order to help retailers better capture customers in their area. The holistic approach using artificial intelligence and 3D modeling combined with costing is new for Palliser and the furniture field.

Drawing on technologies used by online retailers, Palliser tested its new concept with retailers at this spring’s High Point Market and were encouraged by the reception its enhanced studio concept received.

“The prime reason we’re developing this application is to allow the end consumer to fully personalize their upholstery and take advantage of all the skus and covers we offer,” said Allison Dineen, director, marketing, content creation, and artwork. “We want them to feel confident not only purchasing the exact configuration and cover they see on the sales floor, but feel empowered to create something that is truly unique to them.”

Customers can see the pieces they want with the specific configuration, cover and legs on the screen. Dineen added, “It takes the guesswork out and aims to help the sales person complete the sale.”

The tool can be navigated by the retail sales associate and/or the end consumer. Customers are able to see, in real time, the retail cost per piece as they go, similar to online shopping with a basket of goods.

Palliser’s system enables the retailer to share in the data being gathered. The company will have the ability to gather customer data as well as insights into the pieces that are being chosen for Palliser’s own market intelligence at the micro-level.

“We are excited about offering our retailers a holistic approach to customer attraction and retention,” said Steve Ambeau, chief marketing officer. The aim is to make the purchase as seamless as possible while affording the retail customer the eyes into what now, for most retailers, stays with the RSA via a tablet or other type of technology.

Palliser is not using this system to supplant its relationships with retailers in a DTC bid. It works with retailers to drive customers to the retailer in their particular location.

Palliser’s studio is offered for retailers willing to commit at least 3,000 square feet on their selling floor. For retailers who have the Palliser studio onsite currently, this will be an upgrade for the studio system.

The design center area of the studio has white oak millwork displaying a curated selection of Palliser’s fabric and leather cover options and counter-height work tables for customers to have a tactile and digital experience at the same time.

Ambeau said the company worked with an outside vendor to develop the proprietary technology and will amp up their internal IT team accordingly to take care of system maintenance and troubleshooting.

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