Placing Chairs and Tables in Your Banquet for Different Purposes

Buying banquet table, chair or any type of furniture for a special event in India like a catered dinner, wedding, or awards ceremony is now quite easy.

This is because a good number of reputable stackable banquet chairs and tables’ providers with impressive designs and collections are available in the country. They manufacture a variety of products with innovative designed and size furniture made for banquet halls. All piece of furniture are constructed durably with plywood,Guest Posting particleboard, and high-impact plastic to withstand regular use in high-traffic environments. 

Since there are many reputed manufacturers to have stackable banquet tables or chairs in India, setting these furniture in a proper way is a challenging task. Here are certain tips to set your tables in your bar or restaurant. 

Space Efficiency and Table Setting 

If you are aligning 8 foot banquet table end to end, you may usually place 1 chair for each ‘joint’ on each side. You can adopt this placing method in case you have lack of space.         

Classic Banquet Style Placement 

This type of seating arrangement comes with a long row of rectangle banquet or stackable tables with chairs on both sides. This set up helps you arrange some extra seats in your hall or room of your restaurant. 

Conference Style

If you have a conference hall in your organization or give on rent conference hall to customers, it is a must to know furniture seating arrangement. Conference style is considered the perfect set up for critical thinking discussion. Since in such a discussion there is a board of director in one place, so it is necessary to place furniture in relevant way. 

Commonly, you need to 4 eight foot tables. This style is not ideal for groups of more than 30 people. If you want to have a conference meeting for a group of more than 30, you should opt for U shaped style. For conference style, you need to have 4 30×96 tables with 1 extra chair at the “joint” of the tables.

U Shaped Seating Plan 

In order for making U shaped seating plan, you need to have a serpentine stackable chairs and tables at the corners. This diagram is the right style for as many as 26 people. Depending on your choice, you can put the head table inside the legs of the ‘U’. Remember, this seating arrangement of tables has 3 seats to the head table. 

Auditorium Style 

This type of style is much like theater seating placement style. Keep in mind; the chairs in the outer area are angled in a way that the sitter faces the speaker more so than the inner. 


Thus, depending on your requirement and demand of hours, you can place your order for stackable banquet chairs and banquet tables. However, once you have the right type of furniture, it is a must to arrange them in a proper way so that you are able to accommodate more audience in efficient place.

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