Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Lawn Lush Green This Summer

Make certain to start the season right by taking up the specialized services of a licensed plumbing expert for inspection and recharging the sprinkler system.

It takes a lot of water to cultivate a healthy,Guest Posting green garden, and lawn. Numerous homeowners have simply turned to the professional irrigation system to keep things lush without dragging out the hose and watering can every other day. You can also ensure to start the season right by taking up the specialized services of a licensed Los Gatos plumber for inspection and recharging the sprinkler system.

It is essential not to de-winterize the irrigation system too early. Filling those buried pipes can result in flex and wobble, and if the soil is still frozen solid, it could lead to potential damage. Call a plumbing expert to locate a suitable area in the lawn for safe digging. Dig down to no more than 12 inches using a shovel, and if the soil is thawed, you are ready to proceed.

Power Up

Inspecting the electrical components, including batteries, displays and timers must be the next step. Get them connected if unplugged and stored for winters. Ensure to make the essential amendments to reflect the present date and weather conditions.

Clean Up

It is mandatory to inspect and clean all sprinklers prior starting the system. There can be pebbles, dirt, or other debris collected inside from the long winter. If they are run with clogged heads, it can result in some serious damage. Using a small wire brush often works wonders for such cleaning processes.

Open & Close

Prior filling water, check every valve of the system as the configuration and number may vary. Consulting a specialized and experienced Los Gatos plumber is recommended if you are not certain about the number of valves and their location.

Let It Flow

With the farthest-away valve open, open the main shut-off valve for the sprinkler system slowly, stopping about halfway. It is essential to flood the system slowly to avert a surge of water that could possibly lead to the damaged sprinkler head, fracture pipes or several other issues in the system.

Now, when everything seems to be the way it needs to, open the main valve all the way gradually and perform a final check for any leaks. Finally, turn the system on for the first watering of the season.

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