Raffel Systems stingray USB charger can go anywhere

HIGH POINT — Attendees of the recent High Point Market checked out the stingray-shaped USB charger from furniture technology provider Raffel Systems which was shown in the Bobby Berk collection at A.R.T. Furniture.

“It’s possible to place the stingray charger virtually anywhere such as on an end table, a nightstand, or embedded into upholstery or other soft-sided furniture,” said John Dudash, CEO of Raffel Systems. “It can work off either an AC switch plugged into the wall or using a battery pack.”

Dudash said this patented technology, called Tranquil Charge, is included on all USB ports in the Raffel product line. It utilizes drain free technology and will not drain a battery of its charge unless it’s being used.

“The benefits are two-fold really,” Dudash said. “Recharging batteries is a chore and an annoyance and this charger offers an energy savings since the technology has passed certification to show it is environmentally sound and safe while also being convenient and portable – since it can be put on almost anything that goes anywhere.”

Although the stingray charger is largely a B-to-B product, it is available to consumers and can be purchased from the Raffel Systems website.

The company is also planning to launch several new products soon including wireless charging solutions as well as a patented massage system that uses air pockets to simulate a shiatsu feel.

The company is now developing these products and others in its new lab in Tupelo, MS that offers the latest rapid prototyping and engineering technologies.

“The new lab in Tupelo allows us to put a prototype in customer’s hands within hours of design finalization,” said Dudash. “Testing capabilities there include basic functional and electrical tests, load testing, circuit verification and more.”

Dudash said the new facility will be staffed by a team of mechanical and electrical engineers who will be working closely with customers to develop the future of electronics in the furniture industry.

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