Replacing Wrecked Patio Door Glass

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When your patio door glass is wrecked and you want to follow the DIY repair approach,Guest Posting then you need to learn how to safely and effectively replace the old broken glass. If you don’t have the confidence to make such repairs, then you should look for a specialized professional doing patio door repair in Arlington, VA. However, if you have the self belief and you have got the guts to do it on your own, then here is how you can effectively replace the broken glass of your patio door.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Keep in mind that a professional doing patio door glass replacement in Arlington, VA will have the support of the professional tools and supplies. So, if you wish to work like a pro and want to achieve the best results, then you will first have to get all the necessary supplies. Arrange the tools and materials, such as safety gloves, measuring tape, pry bar, permanent marker, glass cutter, putty knife, hammer, caulk, and of course, the replacement glass. Before you start the repair job, you are strictly advised to wear the safety gloves first to avoid any possible injuries.  

After you have arranged the above mentioned supplies, you should now follow the below simple steps to fix the broken screen of your patio glass:

  1. Remove the trim

In the first step, you are required to use a hammer, small pry and the putty knife in order to remove that trim surrounding the wrecked glass. You can install it later on, so keep that safe somewhere. If there are any nails in the trim, then remove them also.

  1. Take the wrecked glass out

Now, you can carefully take out the broken glass from the door opening. If you see glass fragments stuck with the original caulk, then you need to scrape it off using the putty knife. Don’t forget to wear gloves during this process.

  1. Take exact measurements of the opening

After removing the broken glass, now you are required to take the right measurements of the door opening that needs to be done from top to bottom and right to left. Here, you should take away exactly ¼ inch measurement from both.

  1. Cut the glass

Now, lay down the new glass on a clean and smooth surface. Mark the measurements using a permanent marker, and then cut the glass using the glass cutter. You need to gently cut the glass as trying to cut it in one attempt can break it.

  1. Place the new glass screen

Apply a little amount of the silicone caulk around the glass opening edges. Now, gently place the new glass in the caulk. After that, you should also place a line of caulk on the installed glass inside edges. At last, just replace the trim with the help of right size nails and holes.

By following the above 5 simple steps, you can easily be able to replace your broken patio door glass without hiring  a pro that is willing to replace the broken patio door glass in Arlington, VA. However, one important thing is to look for the right type and quality door glass in Arlington, VA that you can buy from a local reputable glass store.


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