Russian wood industry pushes for 60% import tariffs on furniture

MOSCOW — Russian woodworking and furniture companies have petitioned the country’s government to establish tariffs as high as 60% on imported furniture and related materials, according to wood industry analyst Lesprom.

The Assn. of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, the group behind the request, specifically wants the government to target countries not friendly to Russia. Countries pro-Russia would only be subject to duties of 10%.

According to Lesprom, the association thinks this would allow Russian producers to compete with foreign manufacturers in the domestic market. It estimates Russian producers would earn an additional $813 million in revenue annually, a 10% to 12% boost in growth.

Restricted items would include upholstered furniture, cabinets, mattresses, MDF, OSB and plywood.

In March, Russia banned the export of more than 200 products to Western countries, including wood and forest products. According to wood resource TimberCheck, the U.S. sources at least 10% of its hardwood plywood from Russia.

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