Scandinavian retailer uses composable approach to launch e-commerce site

KALMAR, Sweden – Nordic Nest, a Scandinavian B2C interior design retailer, has recently launched its e-commerce site using a composable approach that combines best-of-breed technology components.

A composable platform refers to a modular digital commerce approach that enables the mix-and-match selection of best-of-breed technology solutions that each individual business needs to assemble a customized technology stack.

The new e-commerce platform allows Nordic Nest to quickly adapt for integrating new sale channels and adding new functionality. The component-based approach also allows the team to work in a data-driven manner, so that it can develop with its customers and offer tailored experiences.

To develop this platform, Nordic Nest partnered with Avensia, an e-commerce consultancy that works with a range of platforms covering in-store retail technology, marketing automation, personalization, analysis and product information.

Nordic Nest offers its Scandinavian home décor products to 70 different countries and is available in 10 languages. The e-commerce platform offers furniture, accessories, fabrics and textiles, carpets, lighting fixtures, art glass, porcelain and ceramics — most designed by Scandinavian designers. Prices range from a lamp at about $200 to more than $10,000 for furniture and art items.

The company ships everything from Sweden and can ship to the U.S. and Europe in three to eight days and to the Asia-Pacific region in six to 16 days.

“Our organization and culture are built on values like providing world class customer experience, and in the process of doing that, allow for try and fail,” said Jacob Rastad, chief technology officer of Nordic Nest. “With this mindset and technology combined, we can today make four to five releases every week without any downtime or other issues.”

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