Smart table charges devices using renewable energy

BARCELONA, Spain — A company from Spain is launching a smart table that recharges electronic devices using renewable energy. Proton New Energy Future developed the Ebord smart table in response to the increased usage of smartphones in our daily lives with the idea of combining renewable energy with modern furniture. The table produces power through indoor and outdoor lighting to wirelessly charge smartphones and other devices.

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to spread awareness about the smart table among consumers and the investment community.

“The Ebord table is the first table with the capability of generating green energy through artificial light inside of consumers’ homes without sunlight,” said Miquel Jové, CEO of Proton New Energy Future. “Members of our team were having conversations with each other about the importance of phones in our lives and how problematic it is to run out of battery power. Through our discussions came the idea of linking renewable energies with phones and other devices.”

The table, which requires no plugs, is compatible with any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge, such as smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sharp Xiaomi and others.

For smartphones that aren’t compatible with Qi Technology, the company offers an adaptor to charge the phone in the table. The Ebord table operates on a standard Qi wireless charging system, and devices can be charged anywhere on its surface.

The smart table retails for $750 and comes in three colors: silver, black and chrome.

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