Storis partners with Emkat to streamline warehouse operations

Storis has partnered with Emkat as its preferred hardware vendor for their barcode and advanced warehouse management solutions. Storis’ clients utilizing these solutions now have a certified vendor that is dedicated to the hardware procurement needed to implement these advanced technologies.

Emkat is an advisor of services and supplier of hardware equipment including Bluetooth and corded barcode scanners, thermal label printers, pre-printed label services and wireless infrastructure surveys. Emkat’s team of certified engineers offers expertise in go-live and technical support, troubleshooting and mobile device management platforms like SOTI. The partnership between Emkat and Storis offers mutual retail partners competitive pricing.

This partnership improves the installation of these advanced technologies as Storis and Emkat work together to make the process more efficient for everyone involved. Retailers can purchase Emkat’s service options, including an onsite visit to a client’s warehouse where a site survey, access point recommendations and barcode gun installation occur. Emkat provides the retailer with ongoing warranties and maintenance on their equipment.

“Emkat has proven to be a genuine partner that goes beyond the supply of equipment and also helps partners streamline their warehouse and inventory operations,” says Marilyn Durning, vice president of client services at Storis. “Emkat is very responsive and are experts in their field. Our goals for our partners are aligned.”

As Emkat is a certified Storis partner, they are trained on Storis specific barcode and advanced warehouse management processes that allow them to offer personalized consultation to the retailer. Emkat provides clients with a direct line of support for any questions they may have during the duration of the retailer’s use of barcoding and warehouse equipment purchased from Emkat.

Together, Storis and Emkat will work to improve warehouse operations with their streamlined service. The partnership with Emkat also benefits Storis development and quality assurance efforts when certifying the latest hardware equipment. Emkat works closely with Storis to recommend new device certifications and often provides Storis with the equipment needed for certification efforts.

“Emkat partners with Storis to help furniture retailers retain their competitive edge by driving down labor costs and gaining access to more actionable data,” says Brad Kieley, CEO of Emkat. “Our partnership with Storis has allowed our mutual partners to realize immediate benefits by working with current, tested and certified equipment recommended by our highly trained team of engineers.”

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