Take a trip into the new meta-world of West Elm Home Design

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – West Elm has entered the metaverse with the creation of its own virtual world called West Elm Home Design.

The new virtual world will be hosted on Roblox, a global platform that brings 52 million daily users together through shared experiences.

“We’re excited to expand our company into the metaverse and connect West Elm with the millions of daily Roblox users around the world,” said Laura Alber, Williams-Sonoma Inc. president and CEO. “The launch of West Elm Home Design makes our company the first specialty home retailer on the powerful Roblox platform, and we look forward to welcoming users to the West Elm Neighborhood.”

Alber said that West Elm’s debut into the metaverse offers a best-in-class virtual experience with high-fidelity design and unprecedented photorealism that will appeal to both new and existing West Elm fans and design enthusiasts.

The West Elm Home Design experience is comprised of the West Elm Hub and the West Elm Neighborhood. The West Elm Hub features a furniture store, coffee shop and merchandise boutique. Users can customize their homes with more than 150 products, replicated to be nearly identical to the physical goods.

In the West Elm Neighborhood, users can acquire design-forward homes and appoint them with West Elm furniture, lighting, garden and decorative accessories. Users can also collect and wear West Elm branded avatar accessories like T-shirts, hats, bags and more.

West Elm Home Design offers Roblox users the tools and pieces to express their personal style by creating and decorating their environments for virtual living and socializing. With a commitment to modernism, West Elm created the experience to celebrate this design aesthetic across generations. Set amongst this background are playful twists allowing for fun interludes.

The virtual world features design challenges and mini games, obstacle courses, selfie snapping features and hangouts that reward users with tokens, prizes and giveaways enhancing organic engagement. Infused with new technology, resolution,and speed, users will be delighted by the rich, multi-dimensional adventure, according to the company.

West Elm will continue to update the virtual space and product offerings to reflect the brand’s latest offerings.

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