Taking a hard look at A.I. | Cindy W. Hodnett

If you do one thing this summer, take some time to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI).

There’s a lot of good, bad and ugly information popping up about AI, but one thing is certain: This technology — currently being developed, improved or modified by just about every major tech player in the world — is only going to grow in importance in the coming years, and it will change many things about the way we do business. The future is now.

At the 2023 Innovation Event in Las Vegas, we’re bringing Christoph Burkhardt — a thought leader who travels the world helping businesses understand how to harness the power of AI — to the stage, as well as thought leaders within our own industry. Taking place on Friday, July 28, at World Market Center, the one-day Innovation Event will include Christoph’s keynote, panel discussions and breakout learning labs providing an opportunity to experience new technologies firsthand.

Christoph is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, CEO of OneLife, founder of think tank TinyBox and an internationally recognized consultant in emerging technologies and digital business models. As a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies around the globe, he works with executives to help them “future proof” their business strategies and technology applications, has taught business strategy for entrepreneurs at Stanford’s executive program and is the author of three books including “Don’t Be a Robot: Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll release more information about other topics and speakers, but for now make plans to attend the Innovation Event and kick off the day learning more about how AI can be used to benefit the home furnishings and gift industries.

After the keynote, sessions on materials, technology, and consumer trends and design follow, featuring industry experts you know and follow.

Additionally, if you have specific questions about AI, please feel free to reach out. Christoph is planning to customize his keynote for our audience, and we’d love to pass along your thoughts. Send me an email at chodnett@bridgetowermedia.com  and let me know.

Our goal is to provide inspiration through discussions about innovation, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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