Tech company Heyday offers chat-solution for free

MONTREAL – Heyday, an AI-powered customer chat platform for retailers in home furnishings and other industries, is partnering up with Tailbase to offer its entry-level chat solution free of charge for the next three months in a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are rolling out our Retail Relief program to help small and mid-sized local retailers stay afloat during the crisis,” said Etienne Mérineau, co-founder and CMO of Heyday. “Retailers can now migrate their entire sales force online to assist shoppers and boost conversion.”

Mérineau said they had 27 furniture retailers sign up for the program in the past 48 hours.

Using Heyday, sales associates can offer personalized assistance through chat that replicates the in-store shopping experience. The new offer includes a free chat widget and messaging app to connect sales reps with online shoppers and enable them to sell remotely in order to boost e-commerce sales and reduce the impact of the crisis.

The company designed AI-powered hybrid chat solution to help brick-and-mortar retailers replicate the same level of assistance and human interaction online as they typically offer in-store, combined with the scalability and efficiency of AI.

“We’re all in this together. The entire economy from top to bottom is being disrupted by the coronavirus crisis,” said Steve Desjarlais, Heyday co-founder and CEO. “At Heyday, we felt like we had to do our part by offering our technology for free to help retailers repurpose their workforce, save jobs and unlock new sources of revenue online.”

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