Tech company ThreeKit launches new visual platform

CHICAGO — ThreeKit, an online product visualization company, has launched a new visual platform that allows companies to more easily and affordably create thousands of 3D and augmented reality visuals.

“We live in an increasingly visual world, surrounded by Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, but too often, when we want to buy something online, the product visuals don’t live up to what we expect,” said Ben Houston, Threekit’s founder and chief technology officer. “With the launch of this platform, companies can greatly elevate their visual customer experiences.”

The platform is for online brands and retailers that want to create visuals that show every customization, configuration, style, color, texture and size of their product.

In addition to creating a variety of static and 3D-product images, the Threekit platform supports instantly sending visuals to a store and being able to modify product configuration options, as well as doubling as an analytics dashboard that allows retailers and brands to make more informed decisions.

In August 2019, ThreeKit launched software called Virtual Photographer that creates product images for e-commerce that look real but are completely computer-rendered.

Brands that currently use ThreeKit’s technology include Crate & Barrel and Steelcase. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has a technology innovation center in Ottawa.

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