Tech company ThreeKit launches Virtual Photographer software

CHICAGO — ThreeKit, an online product visualization company, has launched new software called Virtual Photographer that creates product images for e-commerce that look real but are completely computer-rendered.

“Traditional product photography has been slow to adapt to the quickly changing nature of e-commerce,” said Ben Houston, founder and chief technology officer. “As the industry grows and customers come to expect high-quality product imagery not as an amenity but as an industry standard, businesses need to prepare by ensuring they have access to on-demand imagery creation that is highly detailed and customizable.”

With the new software, retailers and brands can use it as part of their digital image creation internally. The software’s design allows any brand to use its own teams to reproduce consistently high-resolution images for thousands of different products.

The Virtual Photographer platform can also integrate with existing in-house photography teams by automating repetitive tasks. Rather than spending hours resetting products and shooting standardized shots, photographers can focus on shooting lifestyle imagery or directing angles and lighting.

The software can reproduce consistently high resolution images for thousands of different products.

According to Houston, because the software creates photos 100% digitally, the images are often sharper than photos shot by a camera, and he says  they can be one-thousand times less expensive on a per-photo basis than traditional product photography.

The company said Virtual Photographer can automatically create images of new products without investing in prototypes, allowing companies to streamline their product launches or quickly add new fabric options to an existing sofa or chair.

Brands that currently use ThreeKit’s technology include Crate & Barrel and Steelcase. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has a technology innovation center in Ottawa.

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